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We are really happy to announce we have added add-ons to our packages. We are concerned that people worry about the safety or their sites we wanted to go ahead and add extra backups for extra price to our packages. Currently we run weekly backups to an external server, and through cPanel anyone can restore them as a whole or browsing through files. However, since now on, any client can order daily backups as an add-on with an amazing price!

– Fan Package: $2.00 quarterly + $0.25 set-up fee.
– Ultra Fan Package: $2.50 monthly + $0.50 set-up fee.
– Fan Package: $5.00 monthly + $1.00 set-up fee.

If the addon is bought, daily backups will be taken nightly and users will be able to restore at any time through cPanel. Why backups are important? Sites can break anytime, database can break, files can be accidentally deleted, you can modify a file and break your site, server’s disks can die, to sum up, anything can happen to your site’s files. If daily backups are taken, then you will loose only up to 24 hours of work, instead of up to a week. Please, note that set-up fees are only paid the first month as we need to set up manually the system to change the backups rotation or your site/reseller.

Additionally, dedicated IPs are avaliable for just $3.00 monthly. IPs can be set to a site or a whole reseller.

You can order add-ons by login in our client area: services > view avaliable addons. We may increase backups prices in the following month(s), however, those who sign-up now will be grandfathered and their add-on price will not be affected.

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